Twisted hair rig knot with pellet band

Twisted hair rig knot.

Twisted hair rig knot for pellet band or other setups that use a stiff hair. Tying pellet band hair rig is shown in this article, but a number of different rigs are easy to make.

Twisted hair rig knot is easiest to tie using fluorocarbon or a line with quite a high memory.

Banded pallet rig

Loop one end of a length line over your finger, Include a bait band if required. Use a hooked tool to impart a twist into the loop, do not make the twists too tight. Put three or four twists into the loop then stop.

As twists are put into the loop, unwanted twists are also put into the line. Grip the twisted loop and release the line to allow it to untwist. Repeat this process to build up a length of twisted loop equalling the length of the hook shank plus the hair.

Pull the twists tight to bed them in. At this point the twisted hair rig will remain intact so long as it is handled gently.

Thread a hook onto the line and slide it down to the twisted section. I am using a hook with a out turned eye which will align the hook and line when finished.

Carefully position the twisted line on the outside of the hook and set the hairs length. Trim the tail down to a more manageable length.

Now continue as you would with a knotless knot. Whip down the hook shank trapping the twisted hair under the whippings. Continue whipping the shank to parallel with the hook point then thread the line back through the eye. Trim the remaining tag end to finish.

Because the twisted hair rig is trapped under the whippings, the hair should always retain it’s twist.

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    Great tips as usual Richard, but I’m wondering why and when I’d use it? As someone who’s only recently come back to angling after 40 years away I’m overwhelmed with all the modern developments. For example, I was brought up to believe that I had to cover the hook with my bait so the fish couldn’t see it!


    1. Richard Blackburn

      Hair rigs were originally created by Carp anglers. They discovered that with the hook exposed it is more likely to catch on the fishes mouth. Even if the fish rejects the bait, the hook may still catch on it’s way out. The twisted hair rig is a variation mainly used with hard pellets which cannot be mounted on the hook. The pellet is held in the elastic bait band. Usually used with a ledger and usually a self hooking rig. With a soft bait like paste or flake the hook can be hidden and will easily pull through on the strike. But boilies or hard pellets work better with an exposed hook and a hair. As for seeing the hook, even wild fish will pick up a hair rigged bait. Hope this helps.

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