Test fishing the new lake

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Test fishing the new lake

In the first part of this series on fishing a new lake, I surveyed the lake and made a rough map. I have come back a few days later test fishing the lake to what I can catch. The lake looks very much like a Carp water, so I decide to do my testing with a Method feeder.

Test fishing

I fish from peg.5 which is close to the entrance and has an island in front. I use a common method mix along with some 2mm coarse pellets as feed. On the hook I use a bait I have used before which I know Carp like.

I start by casting the feeder close to the island. I soon discover that the lake bed around the island is covered in dead weed. For a Method feeder to work properly, it needs to land flat on a clear area of lake bed.

I shorten my clipped up line by a few turns to land the feeder a little further from the island, away from the weed debris. On the very next cast I hook and land a thick set 10lb 1oz common Carp. The next few fish are all silver Bream. not that I mind catching Silver Bream, although they don’t have much fight in them.

Playing Carp

After a couple of hours I have a clearer idea about the island and this end of the lake. I don’t think I am going to learn much more, so I decide to move to the other end to see what I can catch there.

Change ends

The new peg is out of the wind and feels much warmer. The island at this end is much closer, so I don’t bother clipping-up, I just swing the feeder out underarm.

Pretty much straight away I catch a small Tench, which was unexpected, but does add another species to my list. I can also add Roach and Rudd which I can see at the surface.

Little Tench

By mid-afternoon, the warm and bright conditions have put the fish off, so I decide to call it a day and pack up.

I now know the lake has Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach and Rudd. Between them, these different species will allow me to fish here all year round. I am surprised I only caught one Carp, perhaps it’s not just another Carp water after all.

I had a good day test fishing and enjoyed learning more about the lake. It will take a season or two to get to know the place well, so I will return later in the year to fish it again.

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Test fishing

Thank you to Hassocks Angling club.