Surface fishing with a Bubble float

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Surface fishing with a Bubble float

Bubble float – Surface fishing

Bubble float fishing I reserve for those summer evenings when you know the fish are on the surface. Free lining with bread is possible when Carp are close in, but when they are further out a bubble float is needed. Partly filling the float with water adds enough weight to make casting much easier.

I prefer to thread the main line through both sides of the float, although some anglers just put the line through one side. Fix the float in place with a couple of split shot or float stops. Use a three foot hook length and grease the line with floatant. Any line hanging down in the water will spook the fish, but floatant will keep it on the surface.

Bubble float

Use a catapult to ping out a few free offerings of bread. Quickly dip the bread in the water to add a little weight, dipped bread will catapult twice as far as a dry piece. Let the fish eat these undisturbed until they feel confident. Once the fish are feeding, then cast out your bait.

Bait your hook with a dry piece of bread, one and a half to two inches square. I like to use a round bend hook size 8 to 6, in the film I am using a size 8. With the fish feeding and looking for more, bites often come quick. Wait until the float is pulled by the fish, before you strike.

Once I have caught one or two Carp I like to move to a new peg and start again. The fish soon realise what’s happening, so I think it’s better to move to a new spot than wait it out.

It’s just such a simple and rewarding way to fish, good luck.

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