Short range method feeder fishing

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Short range method feeder fishing

Hybrid feeder and groundbait

Short range method feeder fishing, has the great advantage of a swim within throwing distance. Whenever I fish short in open water, where there are no obvious patrol routes for the fish, I ball in groundbait to attract and hold them in my swim.

Any common fishmeal groundbait with a small amount of micros will hold the Carp. The Hybrid feeder is then the only thing with a good mouthful of food.

Short range method

Although a standard Method feeder could be used, I prefer to take the opportunity to control the attraction and feeding aspects separately. If I were fishing any distance then the limitations of balling in groundbait would make a standard Method feeder a better choice. Accurately balling in at close range though, is far less of a problem.

Start with one small ball of groundbait to see how the fish respond. Swing out the Hybrid feeder just short of where the groundbait has settled. Not beyond, or even on top, because the fish may be riggy.

Feeding pattern

Quivering indications at the tip are small fish demolishing the contents of the feeder. When quivering subsides, the feeder must be empty and needs reloading. Use the time lapsed as a guide as to a pattern of reloading the feeder, and putting in another ball of groundbait. On different days, this feeding interval may vary from a few minutes to half an hour. It all depends on how active the fish are, reinforcing the idea that angling is all about feeding.

Carp short range feeder fishing
Carp by short range feeder fishing


Unlike fishing at range, short range fishing could use any method that the Carp respond to. Different feeders, bomb fishing or even a float. Often, when short range method feeder fishing, I don’t need to change anything. Just Fishmeal groundbait, a Hybrid feeder and enjoy a steady catch of fish.

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