Stick float for shallow water

Alloy stem shallow water stick float

These little shallow water stick float are brilliant in fast shallow water, either fishing close on a big river or trotting down a small stream. Their fat little bodies hold the float visible on the surface even in quite boily water, the wire stem helps cock the float quickly and keep it stable.

Shallow water stick float
Shallow water stick float rigs

I used one of these on the Adur as reported in my post a handful of Chub. On that occasion I used a strung out shotting pattern to allow me to hold the rig back causing the rig to rise up in the water and over a shallow area to reach the fish further downstream. If the river had been the same depth throughout the swim, I would have used a bulk shotting pattern and allowed the bait to trip along the bottom, either strung out or bulk shotting works well with these little floats.

I have yet to try shallow water stick float on a windy day, but I imagine like all stick floats it will be of little use in a downstream wind. Line control and presentation can be seriously effected when a downstream wind speeds up the surface layer of the river. But when used in the correct conditions, these shallow water sticks are a pleasure to use.

Stick float fishing explained
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