Running lead rigs

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Running lead rigs

Running lead rig – A simple underrated but effective ledgering rig that can be use on lakes and rivers. Particularly good for catching Bream on still waters and Chub in rivers.

Running lead rig – Additional

  • A rig where the lead is free to run up the line
  • Use a split shot as the stop, or a ledger stop, or a swivel with the hooklength attached
  • Use a snap link for ease of changing the lead
  • Bites are best detected with a quiver tip or touch ledgering by the fish moving off with the bait pulling the line through or disturbing the lead.
  • Vary the hooklength for on the drop or tight to the bottom presentation
  • Use anywhere, good at distance, or when too rough for a float, for a single bait in winter, roving a river, over a bed of feed
  • Can change lead for swim feeder or maggot feeder
  • A simple underrated but effective rig


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