Pike Wobbling Rig

I do enjoy a bit of wobbling for Pike, so I thought I would share the rig I use. It’s simple enough with a size 8 double hook keeping the deadbait on the line and a treble in the flank to hook the Pike.

pike wobbling rig

I pass the large side of the double through the skull or eye socket and the smaller side through the lower jaw. I find the bait will stay on the hook for a good ten casts, even quite hard cast. Some use a treble and again pass a point through the eye socket and jaw. Others pass a large hook up through jaw and skull, so long as the bait stays on I don’t suppose it really matters. I make my own rigs using Fox Carboflex wire and crimps. For a general purpose wobbling I like the hooks three inches apart, which I find good for Smelt, Roach and deadbaits of a similar size. Lastly I may add a little weight in the form of a swan shot or two just to help sink the bait especially on the river.

Dead bait rigs for river pike fishing
Float paternoster dead bait pike rig

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