Perch fishing with waggler and prawn

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Perch fishing with Waggler and prawn

Perch will feed all year round, but autumn and winter are the best times. Even in the coldest weather, Perch will oblige. Perch fishing with prawns has become an almost guaranteed way to catch them.

Perch fishing with prawn

In the spring, every peg on this little Tench pond will be occupied from the early hours. Come winter though, when the Tench are torpid, this place is deserted and overlooked. It is then that the control species stocked by the club come into their own.

Half the pond is shallow enough to support lush lily and Elodea growth. The other half, especially in one corner, steps down to over ten feet deep. Abundant aquatic life within the weedy areas provides a perfect habitat for the Tech. Equally, the Perch are right at home and have grown well in this little pond.

I setup on one of the wooden fishing platforms, which also happens to be a popular summer Tench swim. To my left is a lily bed which has yet to die back. On my right, reeds and more lilies. Directly in front, an area of Elodea dwindling away as the depth increases.

A good Perch fishing bait

Prawns are an exceptional bait for Perch fishing. I use the cooked and peeled cold water prawns from the supermarket freezer isle. Other than defrosting, no further preparation is needed, they can be used straight from the bag.

Presenting prawns to the Perch

Presentation of a prawn hook bait to the Perch in this particular pond, I find is best done with a Waggler float. Perch are usually bold in their approach, so I’m able to use a straight Waggler and a size 6 hook.

I need to place the bait where I find the Perch hiding, in and around the pond weed. The problem of snagging the hook in the weed is avoided by shielding the hook point within the prawn. I pass the hook point down the thick end of the prawn, then bring it out inside the curve where the point is masked.

To feed or not

As with most fishing in the winter, it does not pay to feed too many free offerings. Prawns are highly attractive, especially if cut up. So I cut into small pieces just one prawn at a time to feed the swim. Feeding cautiously like this and waiting to see how the Perch respond is often the best approach.

I had a good day catching several Perch on nothing but prawn, including one of 1lb 11oz.

Next time you go fishing for winter Perch, give prawns a try, best of luck.

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