One last fish before I go home

Finding the fish

I have been fishing all day and was slowly making my way back to my car. I like to look in the swims as I go, especially the more hidden ones. Only to see how they are and what they are like, it all goes to add to my fishing knowledge.

I found one secluded slightly overgrown swim, where I could see the fish were actively feeding causing bubbles at the surface. Got to be carp I thought. As the fish were right there, close into the bank, I could not go back to the car without at least trying to catch one last fish.

With the fish in the margin there was no need for a complicated setup, free line fishing would do fine. I had some luncheon meat left over from the day, so I used a cube of meat on the hook and fed a few free offerings in to the swim.

Waiting for a bite

Waiting for a bite

I sat quietly on the bank away from the waters edge. Watching the line floating on the water and hanging down from the rod tip for signs of a bite. It was only about ten minutes before a definite pull on the line prompting me to strike. In fact the bite was so positive the end of the rod was pulled down.

One last fish before I go home

I hooked the fish, but could not give any line at all with weeds or snags either side of the swim, literally hit and hold. But it was okay, I got the net under and landed the fish in short order. A nice little F1, the fish was hooked perfectly just inside the mouth, I was able to remove my size 10 barbless hook with ease.

F1 Carp fishing

I was only about twenty minutes later back to the car, but It was well worth stopping for that one last fish.

Method feeder fishing for carp
River Carp but no Chub

Thank you to Hassocks Angling for letting me film at this water.