Just one Carp again

Just one Carp from another afternoon trip to my local lake on a quest for Carp. After a cold snap with frosts and hail, this is the first chance to go fishing with the weather warming up. I thought it was going to be “one of those days”, because on the first cast to a swim on the far side, I managed to cast right over the lake and on to the far bank. I had to walk round to the other side to free deeply buried lead from bank. After another cast or two I got the distance and started fishing proper.

Target Carp

Carp close in

I fished close to the bank hoping the warm sunshine would draw the Carp in, and it did. Mid way through my session two Koi carp swam right under my rods, if there were fish cruising on my side then there was a good chance they would be on the far side.

Early afternoon I had my first run, but unfortunately the fish freed itself, I suspect it was just a small Carp that was perhaps lightly hooked. Later a second more positive run saw a Carp on the bank, nothing big but welcome anyway.

The weather is set to get warmer in the next few days and I will try again Saturday. Being the weekend I will be able to fish into the evening and not just the daytime, so with any luck I might even catch more than one !

One last fish before I go home

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