Inline method feeder set up

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Method feeder set up

The Method feeder rig

Most anglers are familiar with the standard Method feeder rig. A short hook length with a banded hair, semi fixed to the feeder. Both feed and hook bait moulded onto the feeders frame creating a tangle free package, which will catch Carp all day long. The effectiveness and simplicity of this arrangement has made the Method extremely popular with both beginners and old hands.

A full explanation of how to use a Method feeder, as it was originally intended, can be found in my article Method feeder fishing for carp – learn how

Inline method feeder rig

Last year I came across an angler on the river Adur, fishing a Method feeder with a very long hook length. My first I thought was “that’s wrong”. When I spoke to him he said he had caught numerous fish of different species. I watched him and what he was doing while we spoke. He was either a complete fool and blissfully unaware, or a wily old angler expert and self-assured.

A year on and I was back fishing the Adur, when this chap and his long hook length came to my mind. “He was fishing it like an inline maggot feeder”, I thought. There is no reason why a Method feeder cannot be used like any other inline feeder. The only changes needed are a longer hook link, and leave the hook bait loose outside the feeder. The rest of the rig stays exactly the same.

Inline method feeder long hook link

I have tried both a 12 and 18 inch hook link on the Adur and caught Bream, Roach and one Perch. I’m sure it will work well for Tench and Bream on a still water, even without a banded hair. The rig could also be made into a running rig by adding a bead between the swivel and feeder, preventing the swivel from pulling into the feeder.


I like the idea of adapting a much used and understood method to suite species other than Carp. It also has the advantage of being able to carry bait to the bottom, which is immediately open to the fish and easily washed onto the river bed. I also like the thought of extending the usefulness of an already effective way of fishing. It’s no surprise the long link Method method catches fish, but on reflection, why wouldn’t it?

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