Float Fishing

Float Fishing – A method of catching fish using a float (bobber) made of buoyant material attached to the line. The float is used carry the baited hook either on the current or on the cast to the fish. The float is also used to determine the depth at which the hook bait is presented and to indicate when a fish bites.

Float fishing – Additional

  • Floats can be made of different materials or combination of – balsa, cork, quill, plastic, reed
  • Two ways to attach the float
  • Attached bottom only – wagglers, straight & bodied
  • Attached top & bottom – stick & avon
  • In common, the idea, the purpose – bite indication, hold hook bait at a set depth, presentation in different conditions – wind, calm etc
  • Colours – orange, commonly used and good in ripples, yellow in dark conditions, under trees, black in bright conditions
  • Many Different floats, rigs and shotting patterns
  • Special purpose floats for a particular species or method
Float fishing

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