Fishing in hot weather – New lake

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Fishing in hot weather

Last time

Previously, I fished at either end of the lake and got an idea of what species of fish are here. It’s now July, three months later and the weather has been hot with no rain for about eight weeks. Back in April parts of the bank were waterlogged, now the water level has dropped and the water is also much warmer.

Fishing in hot weather

Simple rig

I decide to fish the middle of the lake, a place I would expect to find Roach and Bream. The method I use is a quiver tip rod, with a running rig. I like using a running rig in open water, it’s simple rig and pretty much tangle free. On the hook and for feed I use sweetcorn.

Running rig

I put some ground bait laced with corn out into the middle. To reach the middle I have to throw as far as I can. Catapulting the corn is not an option as it would scatter too much.

Evening session

By the time I am ready to fish, the day has worn on to about 5 pm. Sunset is not until 9, so I will get a few hours of fishing. The fishing proves to be hard going, I catch a number of small fish, but essentially there is very little happening. But I did manage to catch one semi decent fish.

Roach Bream hybrid fishing in hot weather

At first it looks like a decent Roach, but once I get it in I can see it’s a Roach, Bream hybrid. I know I said I was fishing for Roach or Bream, but I did not expect to catch both with the one fish.

Fishing in hot weather

So what have I learnt about the new lake on this third trip. The fish here don’t like the warm shallow water conditions. Even the Carp were not active. I only saw two, both of which were just cruising around. The best thing I can do is to wait for the weather to break and come back after a good downpour, when hopefully the fishing will be better.

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