First Pike Session

Pike fishing on the Arun

I just got back from my first trip to the Arun this season Pike fishing. The stretch I fish is a tidal stretch near Pulborough and even with the tide out it’s quite fast flowing. It’s a very interesting part of the river with many features and changes of depth. The water is quite clear a lot of the time, so it’s good for lure fishing.

River Arun

I started at the top end of our stretch fishing with a Rapala X-Rap “Walk the dog” lure. Annoyingly I could not get close enough to the waters edge due to soft mud. Every time I needed to lift the lure out of the water to recast, the lure got caught in the vegetation in front. Pulling the lure free of the weeds was causing too much commotion.

I moved downstream to another swim, this time right at the waters edge. Casting and retrieval were no problem, but no takes. You can never be sure which lure will work on the day, so a change of lure is always worth a try. I changed to a Abu Garcia “Tormentor”, which has a strong wriggling motion and a rattle in it. After half an hour still no takes, not even a follow.

I moved downstream again and changed the lure to a big double spoon spinner. This third swim had several overhanging trees along it and looked a good bet. By this time the sun was getting low and I had about an hour of light left. After just a few minutes I had a take on the spinner, but almost as soon as I felt the fish it was gone. It happens, but when it does I always move swims and start again.

Despite trying two more swims I didn’t get another take. By dusk the tide was coming in at quite a pace with little prospect of a take so I decided to go. So my first Pike trip of the year was a blank, but next time I go to the Arun I will try the big spinner first.