First Carp of 2016

First Carp from a local lake

This is my first session fishing for Carp this year. It’s April 6th and is the warmest day so far with sunshine and a light west wind. The forecast is for the weather to break down tomorrow and remain cold and wet for the next week, so I hope to catch a first Carp or two in this window of fine weather. Swim choice is very important this time of year, I have chosen a shallow swim at one end of the lake in the hope the sun will warm the water enough to attract the Carp. I’m only fishing with one rod because the baitrunner mechanism on my second reel has broken, I will look at that later.

First Carp 2016

I’m using a snowman rig with 15mm Rahja Spice boilies along with just a few free offerings loose fed around the swim. No need for heavy feeding the fish are only just finding their apatite. Nothing for the first couple of hours, then a line bite at about 1pm. The water is probably as warm as it’s going to get so if I’m going to catch I expect it to be soon. Sure enough, at about ten past one I got a good run and landed my first Carp of 2016. A beautiful and very stocky common of 10lb 4oz, nicely hooked in the bottom lip.

By 2pm the weather quickly started to deteriorate with a change in wind direction and a drop in temperature. I had to leave by 3pm so I decided to pack up happy to have landed my first Carp. It was a wise decision, as I’m lashing my gear to the trolley the heavens open and dump a respectable shower of hail, no doubt killing my shallow swim.

A short but enjoyable few hours and time spent at a lake I have only fished once before. I will go back at the next opportunity not only to learn more about the lake, but in the hope of catching some of the twenties in there.

I mention Rahja Spice boilies in this post because that’s what I used, not because I was paid to.

One last fish before I go home
Just one Carp again

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