Coarse fishing books

Feeder Fishing for Carp Bream and Roach

Feeder Fishing for Carp, Bream and Roach

Ever sat feeder fishing waiting for a bite wondering what to try next? Feeder Fishing for Carp Bream and Roach, explains feeder fishing techniques for still and running water in a clear and practical way. It explores the tackle, rigs, baits, but also the tactics, feeding and presentation to improve your feeder fishing. Written for the pleasure angler who has some previous experience, it aims to provide options and ideas to help you catch more fish.


Float Fishing beyond the basics

Float Fishing – Beyond the Basics

Learning how to set up fishing tackle, cast a line, tie fishing knots, hook and land fish are all a matter of practise. The next stage beyond the basics is more of a challenge, going from watching a float in hope, to watching a float with understanding. The knowledge to go from one to the next is hard won and often retained by experienced anglers. Float fishing beyond the basics delves deeply into the art of float fishing by revealing the methods and thoughts of a serious angler. The first two chapters cover float rigs, swim selection and feeding of lakes and rivers. The book rounds off with two more chapters of further thoughts and memorable days, where the author offers a more personal view.


Fishing Rigs diagrams and descriptions

Fishing Rigs – diagrams and descriptions

Fishing Rigs is a reference on coarse fishing float rigs, ledger rigs and carp rigs. It contains diagrams and descriptions of dozens of rigs used to catch coarse fish. The purpose of the book is to help with rig selection taking into account weather and water conditions. The rigs have all been carefully chosen to only include the most useful, effective and safe fishing rigs.


First steps in fishing

First steps in fishing – beginners guide

First steps in fishing will get you on the right path to the sport of fishing. Giving essential tips and advice on float fishing, feeder ledgering, casting, and how to set up your tackle. It also explains what to look for and where to fish once you arrive at the lake or pond for a days fishing. With this essential information you will be able to enjoy fishing and experience the thrill of catching your first fish and hopefully many more to come.