Best split shot for float fishing

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Best split shot for float fishing

What are the best split shot weights used for float fishing and ledgering, and what to look out for.

Avoid sliding shot

When I squeeze a shot onto the line I expect it to stay where I put it. I find with thin lines, a split shot bigger than a No.4 frequently does not grip. It may not fall off, but it will not stay where I put it. I could replace any BB’s with two No.4’s, but with an 8 BB float, it’s all a bit too much.

Off centre

I don’t like the shot to hang on the line off centre. Single cut shot are the worst. The cut needs to go more than half way across for ease of closing, but it is difficult to lay the line in the middle. Double cut shot solve this problem by putting a shallow cut in one side, and a deeper cut to the middle on the other. Line layed in the bottom of the deep cut will always be in the middle, ensuring the shot hangs correctly.

Release and reuse

Whenever possible I like to reuse split shot. To make them easier to release, the cut should widen at the top to allow a thumb nail in to open it. I expect to reuse any shot above a No.8.

Stiff sixes

Of all the sizes of shot, I find the small No.6’s hardest to squeeze closed. Shot smaller than a No.6 are made of lead which is a soft metal, and shot larger than a No.6 are easier to close because they are bigger. I never use pliers, so I need the No.6’s to be soft enough to close with my fingers.

Best split shot for fishing

Best split shot weights

In my opinion, Anchor Tackle make the best split shot available at the moment. Their shot hangs correctly because it has a double cut. The bigger shot grip low diameter line and the sixes are fairly easy to close.

I use the Anchor standard eight division shot pack which has shot form SSG to No.6, including SA and AB. Unfortunately it does not contain anything smaller than a No.6. I have other dispensers for dust shot from sizes 8 to 12, between them they cover everything I need.

Best of luck.

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