Arbor knot to tie line to a reel spool

Arbor knot is used to attach the main line to the spool of a reel. This knot can be used for centrepin and fixed spool reels.

Arbor knot

Tying the Arbor knot

  • Arbor knot is used to attach fishing line to the spool of a reel.
  • Tie a overhand knot in the tag end of the fishing line.
  • Tie a second overhand knot around the main line to create a loop with a slip knot.
  • Pass the loop of line over the spool.
  • Pull and tighten the loop down onto the spool.
  • The tag end will stop against the second overhand knot.
  • A little pulling back and forth might be needed to close the loop down tight.
  • Cut off the tag end.
  • Cover the knot with tape to prevent subsequent layers of line catching on it.
  • The Arbor knot is good for monofilament and fluorocarbon lines.
  • Braided line can slip on a smooth spool, wind on a layer of monofilament as backing first.
  • Then attach the braid to the mono backing with a Albright knot.

Arbor knot

The Arbor knot is used to attach fishing line to a reel. It can be used with fixed spool, centrepin and baitrunner reels. I like to use a little masking tape to cover the knot, especially on a centrepin to prevent line catching on the knot when trotting a float down river.

Braided line

Braided lines will slip on a smooth spool without a backing. Use the Arbor knot to attach monofilament line to the spool and wind on a layer as backing. Tie the braid to the mono backing with an Albright knot and wind on the braid.

Some spinning reels have “braid ready spools” and don’t need a backing. These have either a non-slip surface or the braid is attached through a hole in the spool.

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